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Our Remanufactured Transmissions, Transfer Cases and Differentials Meet OEM Standards

Cascade Component Parts, Inc. in Portland, Oregon, has one of the largest inventories of completely remanufactured manual transmission, transfer case and differential assemblies in the industry.  Our skilled technicians work dilifently to ensure our rebuilt units meets original manufacturer specifications  The end result?  Every rebuilt unit we do is a safe and reliable replacement.  In addition to complete assemblies, we offer a full line of  Drivetrain Component Parts for most makes and models. 


Assembly Process

As vehicles have become more complex over time, we've updated our machining and assembly processes for remanufactured transmissions, transfer cases and differentials to meet or exceed strict manufacturer specifications. We replace all seals, bearings, and viscous couplers, as well as other common parts that are subject to wear during the rebuild process. That means when you purchase one of our remanufactured units, you'll have peace of mind knowing your replacement is of exceptional quality.

Inspection Process

To ensure our units exceed the highest construction standards, we perform three separate inspections during the build process. Our team conducts a pre-inspection to ensure the case is free of cracks and doesn't show excessive wear. We use a cutting-edge hydro-blasting and rinsing process to clean each case to ensure accurate inspections. During this phase, we also make sure there are no OEM-inherent problems in the core. A second inspection is later completed to ensure that all of our replacement components meet OEM standards. A final post-build inspection is performed to make certain that the completed unit exceeds our strict assembly benchmarks. When you don't have the time to handle a full build, let the experts at Cascade Component Parts, Inc. take care of it for you.